4/14/2017 Events have been updated. Check out to see where I'll be headed.

First 30 by 30 Video Journal is available.  Join me on my journey as I write 30 books by my 30th Birthday!

  Happy 2016!  Thank you for stopping by the website.  It has been remade from scratch.  This year, I plan to be very active with social media so I can better connect with fans.  Make sure you stay connected so you don't miss updates, interviews, Q&A's, announcements, new materials, and so much more.

Unfortunately, while I was at a Christmas fundraiser in Detroit, someone broke into my car and stole two laptops and a duffel bag full of clothes.  I had most of my graphics on that computer, and I have sadly discovered that many of them were not backed up.  I've had the same personal computer since 2012.  Thank God that so much of my writing is backed up, but many of the formatted novel files that I had weren't.  So, I have a long way to go as far as catching up to where I was.  Many have asked how can they help.  Please, support me in what I do and buy a book or give a book.  Thanks to all the kind thoughts and prayers.

Some event dates will be coming soon.  I want to travel.  It's a busy year, but I'm going to make sure I get across the country spreading Ninja Dust.

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